our inspiration

Verbal Diversity Elites LLC was founded on the basis that everyone’s language needs are important to them for unique reasons. As is true with every language, the American English language is diverse in and of itself. Our founder decided to name the organization defining our service very candidly: “Verbal Diversity”.


In our American English Language Classes, we incorporate not only the sounds, grammar, and pronunciation—but the genuine culture of the language. Though we were built upon teaching English as a Second Language, we also educate and tutor in other subject areas including K-12 Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speech and Humanities.

The "Elites" portion of our name originates from our founder's principle that we are all significant and powerful beings with special skills and talents unique to ourselves. Every individual who does business with VDE LLC is our prominent guest and deserves to be treated as such. Our clients, students, and contractors are not only treated with respect, but as royals. This means that no matter what your employment, formal education, or economic status is in the world--with VDE LLC you will always be treated like royalty.

Achieve your greatest goals through mastery of the American English language.