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Verbal Diversity Elites LLC offers virtual observation and private tutoring for grades 3-12.

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Verbal Diversity Elites LLC is an organization that strives to provide an accurate and precise representation of the U.S. American English language and culture to citizens and immigrants alike.


We work hard to reduce illiteracy among all children and adults. Literacy is the number one link to prosperity and success in the United States; leaving many low-income and minority Americans at a disadvantage.


We pride ourselves on instructing individuals of all ages  and all socioeconomic levels on the proper use of the American English and building their confidence within the language—while maintaining their vernacular and inner-selves. We also help adults build their workforce skills and confidence, pushing them to achieve prominence in the workplace, and accomplish all of their scholastic and professional goals.

An important piece of the VDE puzzle is involving ourselves in educational rights and other projects that help minority communities.

"I admire people who dare to take the language, English, and understand it and understand the melody."

- Maya Angelou

Achieve your greatest goals through mastery of the American English language.